A low down on Best picture quality 65 inch TV

High definition television is a thing of the past as it is now replaced with ultra higher version with 4K resolution. The pre requisite for installing such television is to have enough space inside the house. Bigger size is ideal for the gamers to enjoy the enthralling experience. There are various TV brands offering impeccable picture quality and they are as follows:


The latest offering belongs to the state of art category both in terms of durability and picture quality. It is equipped with latest operating system as well as a large viewing angle. Sound is bolstered due to the presence of Dolby atoms however the real winner is the picture quality. It is crystal clear and absolutely soothing to the eyes. Web OS3.5 ensures that the users can quickly shift through the apps with ease. Purchase the television to enjoy home theater experience right inside the house. Apart from super slick design, the product can accentuate the home interiors. Transform your sitting room with the new offering from LG as it is stuffed with smart functionalities.

Samsung 65 Inch 4K ultra HD:

The Best picture quality 65 inch TV Samsung Ultra HD needs no introduction as it spins a web around the viewers. It offers impeccable contrast with dark and light scenes. In fact, it is the TV on which you can enjoy the racing games round the clock. The device also supports billion colors to deliver crystal clear picture to the users. A motion rate of 240 is enough to transform the virtual racing game into a real world experience. Compared to other television, Samsung TV is truly a gaming hardware capable of handling diverse range of applications.

Due to 360 degree viewing angle, people can watch the favorite movies and serials from different positions. Smart hub and apps are included in the television for user’s experience. Samsung also provides 60 days free tech support to resolve the problems of the customers. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the quality of the product.

Sony 65 inch 4k TV

As with past products the latest offering from Sony oozes nothing but quality because the product is imbibed with amazing attributes. It displays balanced pictures along with out of the box clarity and color. They seem surreal on the screen and can very well compete with the attributes of LG and Samsung. Using television, you can easily access the Android apps to watch them in action on large screen. Apart from high quality images, the Sony product offers smooth gradations and manages 120HZrefresh rate. In Built speakers are quite powerful to deliver surround sound experience to the users. In spite of so many capabilities, the television still weighs only 90LBS.