Catastrophic Consequences of Drinking and Driving

After getting exposed to the affects of long term alcohol abuse, it might be difficult to get sober in just a few days. The body and mind gets conditioned to the anesthetic effects of the chemical to such an extent that one can hardly feel the need to get sobered up.  The cognitive functionality of the brain which guides the individual gets retarded. The person loses concentration, sense of direction and the ability to react to the changing conditions on road. Since there is no coordination between the hands and eyes and feet, the probability of avoiding an accident is reduced to near zero.

Negative Affects of Long Term Alcohol Abuse

  • Losing sense of direction while driving is a serious issue which can lead the individual to commit blunders. Remembering the right way might become impossible due to dyslexia effects.
  • The driver can lose the ability to gauge the position of his car on road distance with other vehicles. Blurred vision can make him bump his car into pedestrian pavements, people and other vehicles on road. He is not able to take any rational decision at critical moments.
  • The brain gets addicted to the chemicals in alcohol. Nervous weakness leads to shivering of hands and legs. He is unable to hold a tea cup without spilling its content. He gets scared to cross the road for the fear of being run over by passing vehicles. It is only when he gulps down a few drinks again that he is able to perform his normal activities. The cycle repeats as the anesthetic effects of alcohol starts receding.

DUI Charges and Implications

Legal Actions related to DUI charges can lead to penalties, loss of license and imprisonment. The aim of these actions is to deter the offender from repeating the mistakes in future. In some instances the offender is sent to community work, rehabilitation center and back to the driving school. These measures are aimed at bringing the person back to the normal ways of sober life.

  • Ensuring public safety from drunk drivers is the top priority of DUI charges. If a person gets confined in jail for a considerable period, it might have a transformational effect on his thinking. He may not dare to touch alcohol while driving again.
  • Financial penalties could make him realize the sheer waste of money for getting few hours of “high” while driving. Some people do feel they can drive better after drinking, only to realize their mistake after ending up with an accident.
  • Suspension or loss of license is aimed at making the offender realize the gravity of his offense and avoid them in future.

Role of Fort Bend DWI Lawyer

  • The primary role of fort bend DWI lawyer is to ensure saving the license and avoid imprisonment of the client. He may appeal for reducing the financial penalty by arguing the case on behalf of the client. The probability of getting favorable depends on the nature and intensity of the offense.
  • If the accused is falsely implicated, he will prove his innocence and get a clean chit from the court.