Best Sewer Inspection Borescopes

Frequent inspection of sewer pipelines is a tough task which is made simple by sewer Borescopes today. You can conveniently stay at one end of the line and send the digitally designed device into the pipeline. The option for remote control gives the flexibility for traveling long distances into the lines. Advanced technology in the making of camera, LED, footage counter, lenses, rigid and rust/water proof external body and the long running batteries make the Borescopes highly in demand by the house owners. The freely flexible cable can also be used instead of remote whenever required. The maximum extension of the cable is up to 100+ meters in length.

Borescopes for Real Time Inspection

  • Microscopic Scan: – Most commonly occurring problems in the sewer pipes are cracks, brittle walls, dampness deposition, rust and algae growth and structural weakness. Many of these defective characteristics are hard to detect in the initial stages due to their micro sizes. When you carry out a normal visual inspection, it might not be possible to detect them at all. But these types of defects don’t take much time for growing into macro size problems. So you need to take corrective and preventive actions for repairing and maintenance at the earliest stages. The Borescopes can be used to conduct microscopic scan and detect the minutest of cracks and defective spots accurately.
  • Digital Display: – The digital display unit can magnify the images and videos by any ratio as required. You can also record the footages for any length of time with consistent accuracy and efficiency. The USB port allows you to save all the recordings in the digital file formats. Online touch-screen keys allow you to control the different parts of the Borescopes while they are at work.
  • Top Illumination: – Bright LED used in the Borescopes enables to get highest possible resolutions under the most deteriorating conditions. The intensity of lighting can be adjusted manually using the control panel in real time.
  • Pressure Endurance: – The best quality Borescopes are made of rigid external body with steel, brass, copper, aluminum and other combinational alloys. They are constructed to withstand high levels of pressure within the sewer pipelines from multi-apartment buildings, community homes, real estate colonies etc. At the same time they can also be used in inspecting industrial sewer pipes carrying effluents. The complete structure and external and internal body with the push rod and other parts are made of hardened metal parts.
  • Data Conversion: – Some of the most advanced types of Borescopes have built in data conversion units. They are mostly connected to the display units and made to transform the images and video into statistical data. Some of the highly advanced apps are used for analyzing the nature and intensity of damages within the sewer pipes.

Borescopes Power Supply Unit

Most of the sewer inspections Borescopes are supported by highly durable backup batteries. They are mostly alkaline (dry) in nature and store maximum power. You can recharge them fast and use them at remote locations. Being lightweight and flexible in nature they are highly portable and adaptable for multiple types of sewer Borescopes.