Tips For Renting Commercial Real Estate In Stockholm

Picture of Stockholm

Renting your first commercial real estate space in Sweden can be the most exciting and encouraging turning point for your business. However, you can’t choose any office space you come across without further consideration. Here are some useful tips to help you find the best commercial real estate space in Sweden for renting purposes.

A tip is to go to and search for something like: “lediga lokaler i Stockholm” which means “find available office space”.


Here follows some other tips:


  •    Do you really need to rent? Previously, renting a big office space was the norm of the day. However, today there are many entrepreneurs who are comfortable working from home or co-working spaces. That’s why you need to assess whether you really need to rent the commercial space or you can try out these alternatives and save money.


  •    You need to choose a good location if you have settled on renting an office space. First, make sure the place is close enough for the employees to commute every day. If you haven’t chosen a team yet, choose a location for your new office that’s populated with a lot of potential talent.


  •    Make sure the place is close enough for your clients. Find a place that’s accessible from the freeways and public transportation. Also, make sure that your clients can find the new office location effortlessly.


  •    What are the amenities close to your new office space in Sweden? Your team will appreciate if the office was close to coffee shops and restaurants. Also, it would come in handy if the office was close to any other places you might visit frequently for business purposes such as meetings and banks.


  •    What’s your budget? When you’re choosing a new office space, you shouldn’t go for something that’s too expensive. Certainly, you don’t want to start your new business being in debt because that will stunt your growth. Create a budget even before you start looking for a good space to make sure that you can operate comfortably.


  •    Don’t forget to account for the extra expenses. Besides the rent, there’s so much that you need to pay for in your new business. If not, these expenses will accrue and become overwhelming besides your monthly rent. Find out if the landlord covers the utilities and phone bills while you pay the rent or whether you’re paying for those on your own. Make sure these expenses are included in your original budget to avoid any surprises later.


  •    Read the lease agreement carefully to know what’s outlined. Make sure all the provisions are clearly written in the lease. Don’t take your landlord’s word for it only to end up being charged for extra expenses later.


  •    Who manages the repairs and maintenance in the office space? Keep in mind that this will be a significant expense if not handled correctly. If the landlord is responsible for these tasks, make sure they are handled in a timely manner. However, if you’re responsible for them, make sure your budget allows it.


In conclusion, looking for an office space can be quite overwhelming to a newbie. However, if you’re working with a commercial real estate agent who is familiar with the area, you’re in good hands.