How to promote Peace and tolerance

  • Introduction
  • Project Summary
  • Project Goals
  • Project Phrases
  • Completion of the project

Through evolution in the development ladder of the human civilization, humans have passed through accumulated cultural phases which gave them the ability to formulate their experiences in life in the form of laws and theories to protect themselves and their children from wars and their scourges. Indeed, man learned during his life and from his predecessors that life is temporary and that the age of man can be shortened by death and war and can be extended by security and peace. Thus, tolerance becomes an existential necessity and human value imposed by the tradition of existence emanating from diversity in human nature.

The difference between people in this world is a universal law which is in itself a human wealth that enriches civilizations and distinguishes them from one another, and it is part of freedom. Once we face differences of opinion, we become in front of the principle of freedom of choice. On the other hand, the difference is also a reason for coexistence and tolerance between individuals and societies, and in the absence of different people will not need these existential values.

The difference in views, thinking, attitudes, tastes, or race, color, creed, and ideologies has historically made us culturally, and ideologically diverse, which contributed to the emergence of great civilizations and the emergence of important personalities who have changed the course of history. However, this difference was sometimes mismanaged and led to fanaticism instead of coexistence and murder rather than dialogue and the reasons for the disagreement were at times due to things that occurred in the distant past. Fanaticism is engraved in the history of mankind, and it ignited most of the wars and fed religious persecutions and violent ideological confrontations. Many of them quickly turned into large-scale armed conflicts, and many basic human rights were subjected to direct attacks and many lives were lost.

Today, the world has unfortunately witnessed many crises and wars, in addition to the growing of terrorism and radical thought as a result of their rejection of peaceful coexistence. Instead of accepting all different opinions, today’s confrontation has become through violence and death.

Therefore, we need to build a “culture of peace” on a realistic basis, to promote a culture of tolerance and to live together despite our differences, whether it is gender, race, language, religion or culture, as well as to promote universal respect for justice and human rights on which this coexistence depends.

  1. Project Summary

The project is a Graphic Novel containing real stories derived from real events with a dramatic plot highlighting the manifestations of tolerance and coexistence in the characters of this story and how they accepted the difference and lived with it after deep internal conflicts and sharp discussions, and how they also worked to build peace between them and their surroundings, which will provide them with tools for building lasting peace, thus enabling them to appreciate diversity, rather than discard it, and manage struggles in accord with the values of diversity and shared understanding, and to promote universal values and harmony among societies.

This story is about a group of young people studying at the University of Art in the Spanish capital, Madrid, their relationship developed and they became strong friends because of the common denominators that combine them, most important of their passion for graphic art. They call themselves Relakumis due to their favorite cartoon, but as time goes by and as their relationships evolve, they will learn more about each other and discover the deep differences that exist in each one of them, which will cause them many problems and clashes, then they will argue a lot and separate for a while, but their love for art and beauty and love of knowledge will reunite them again.

II- Project goal

The aim of this book is to convey the experience of this group of young people to the world and not only to narrate the events and problems facing them, but also to find solutions that will enhance their ability to appreciate diversity and to adhere to personal convictions, while accepting the adherence of others to their convictions by highlighting the role of art in promoting the principle of multiplicity of visions and its role in building peace and fighting extremism, and also by providing scientific material based on the tolerance of the divine religions with each other and with other beliefs in this world.

Also through the emotional experiences that will be lived by the characters of the book and Will give meaning to their lives, which will change their outlook on things and how love can promote the principles of tolerance and coexistence.

III- In- Project Phases: 

The preparatory phase of the project

It is an in-depth study of the Relakumis group and their surroundings with the aim of knowing more about their tastes, ideologies, and beliefs… in addition to their opinions about the rest of the group before and after discovering the differences between them and how they dealt with it…

We have already completed part of this phase by asking a series of questions in the form of opinion polls. Among the questions addressed to them were how to promote peace and tolerance in the world, their views on radical groups and radical thought, and how to address it. The aim of this type of question was to come up with recommendations and solutions and formulate them in the form of events in the book.

In addition to another study of young French- Moroccan or Spanish- Moroccan youth in the ranks of extremist groups; the purpose of this study is to highlight the motives and reasons that lead them to follow this path, analyze it and formulate it in the form of second stories in the book.


This novel revolves around a group of six members, five girls and one young man between 20 and 40 years old, they have very different tastes, beliefs, origins, and ideologies… but they are very strong friends even if they are very different from each other in everything


Nabila – 22 years old, is a creative, romantic, loveable and social girl, living a happy life, her social intelligence enabled her to adapt and get closer to her friends in the group despite her Arab origins. She is very interested in what others say about her but shows the opposite and she loves to please everyone always, quick to cry and fall in love. She usually falls in love with an Arab passport because she is looking for a partner of the same origins and beliefs. she worries when doing something important and thinks a lot before making her decisions. She is very impressed with the Asian continent, Korean movies, and Suju movies. She has a special style of painting.

-Nabila is very interested in Indian culture and likes to express that in her paintings. She was born Muslim in Moroccan Muslim family and considers her religion a reason for her spiritual balance, but she hides her Islam and some other things from her friends because she is afraid to lose them if they don’t accept her differences.


Xotchil-39 years is the eldest one in the Relakumis, she is a transparent person who cannot hide her feelings, she loves to give a lot and appreciates her friends very much. She is a circumstantial person in her relationships, experiences, and problems as well. A creative person who loves drawing a lot, she studied the history of art for five years before studying drawing. Xotchil has a different life path than the rest of her age and her friends consider her an example of an independent woman who broke a community rule because she does not care about what others say and does what she likes, in addition to her passion for knowledge and strength to achieve what she wants.

-She is a very generous person, who cares a lot about her friends and brings them gifts she also tells them a lot about her experiences and usually gives them tips in love and other things, but sometimes her advice is difficult for them to accept.

-She is not a believer but she believes that there is a power above all, and religion is a very personal choice so her parents did not do it in her infancy.


He is the only man in the group. He is 28 years old. He is a gay young man. He studied design and fashion before going to university to study painting. Mario is very intelligent and sensitive, he falls in love quickly and lives it as in films, he is characterized by his funny and sometimes crazy personality, but he is a mature person and kind in his dealings with others. He does not care too much about others but he likes to be in their circle of interest and he is always ashamed when dealing with new people for the first time.

Mario has strange tastes as he is interested in Barbie dolls, the Korean world, exotic hairstyles, Baroque style, and he has a great love for the sojou and manga films. He is a Christian believer and especially Catholic, he goes to attend the Mass every Sunday in the church because Catholicism is his haven of spiritual peace that makes him try every day to be a better person.


Paola is a sensitive and introverted girl who is still looking for herself because she does not have a specific personality. She is often pessimistic because she looks for idealism, which makes her get stressed when doing something important and forget a lot. Others think that she lacks self-esteem because of her shyness, even though she is responsible, mature and dependable in accomplishing some things but she does not have any friends more than Relakumis.

– Paola was studying art history at the university before studying drawing, but she did not complete her studies there because of the problems she experienced. She considers herself atheist although her parents baptized her in the church, she loves Buddhism; not as a religion but as a philosophy of life that helps her deal with life in a better way.


Annita is a good, social and adaptable girl, very realistic and she thinks about things objectively, she has a very clear and frank point of view, but she is fanatical to her opinions sometimes. Her study of philosophy in university and her experiences in life make her speak in all subjects. She is the only one in the group interested in what happens in the world, and she has exceptional tastes and loves things that cannot be understood.

– Annita has her own lifestyle, she is always late and cannot commit to anything, and moreover, she does not meet with Relakumis too much because of her nightly commitments and her complex biological timing. She likes to appreciate and help others, but sometimes she may harm them because of her over-frankness, in addition to that she likes tattoos, rabbits, traveling, and the pink color very much.

– She is very atheist and does not believe in anything and is fanatic of social, political and religious matters. She likes to participate in vigils, especially for women rights and homosexuals. She falls in love with a person whether he is a man or a woman and does not care about the sex of her lover.


Alice is the youngest in the group – 20 years old, shy and introverted but very beloved, she is a bohemian woman living an unusual life and usually disappears on Saturday. loves the Gothic style, black color, and all dark things. Alice has no clear plans for her life but she is very talented and brilliant in the field of painting, She loves video games a lot and loves joining Paola in flirting with older men, she knows how to listen well, which shows her maturity in the opinion of Relakumis.

-She converted to Judaism after a difficult period of her life, but she did not tell Relakumis yet. This belief helped her to mature a lot differently from other girls her age and thus learned to prioritize her and live beyond chaos.

IV- Completion of the project

Duration: 9 to 12 months

Language: Arabic and English

Method: a Graphic novel; a realistic novel with some graphic content

For the visual content, which will represent 30 percent of the novel, it will be performed by Nabila, one of the characters of the story. She is a graduate of the Art Institute of Madrid, a creative artist who has participated in many exhibitions in Spain and in Morocco.

As for the book content, which will represent 70% of the book, it will be real events and realistic stories embodied by the characters of the Relakumis group with a dramatic style that imitates logic and feelings in order to promote the values of tolerance and coexistence and live together despite our differences and build common ground and culture of peace on realistic to the recipient.

Naoual El Haitout