Transportation problems in Dubai solved

rent a car UAE

Dubai is a big, busy city. But there is still a transportation problem from some remote areas. Either you’ve to hire a taxi to get you there, or you rent a car Dubai to make yourself present at the location. Sometimes you get to rent a car for a week, or a month. Tourists and visitors go for monthly rentals because daily hiring a taxi to take them to places is not economical. You might be wondering to get car on rent for your adventure. Here’s is a guide

Choosing your best suitable vehicle

Almost all the cars from BMW to a sports car are available. If you’re on a run to the desert with friends, you may have to look for a car with more luggage capacity and a GPS tracker in case you get stuck in the middle of nowhere. Yet most people prefer brand over need, and the rest prefers what their bank account suggests. But you can be wise enough to get maximum feature in the available budget. You can have reverse camera, Bluetooth, unlimited mileage and many other features if you sit back peacefully and choose your car wisely.


What you going to pay

While you rent a car in Dubai, you need to know what amount you going to pay? The rent of a car is almost 20-30 times less than the actual price. So, it is budget friendly to rent a car because a NASSAN Sunny Sedan is rented for 1375 AED while its actual price is 43 thousand AED or thereabouts. Ok so here is the tough part, a company must get a backup plan in case you rush you can into an accident, you get it stolen, your pet damages the seats, something fell on your car from nowhere, it gets damaged by weather or you get it stolen. This is called security of the car. Yet the relieving past is, you’re paid this security back if you’re car doesn’t undergo any of the above-mentioned damage.

Is there any insurance available?

Yes. When you rent a car Dubai, get an insurance alongside which covers all the damages. Such insurance is called comprehensive insurance. It is helpful, and you don’t have to worry if your car fails somewhere.


What are the requirements?

The requirements are simple, you need to be the resident of Dubai, or at least, the resident of any country on the planet; aliens are not welcomed. There are documents required to get a car on rent. If you’re a resident of Dubai, you’ve to submit a copy of

  • Emirates ID car, UAE driving license, UAE passport and residential visa

For residents of any other country on the planet, the documents are as follows

  • International driving license, passport and a visit visa


The vehicles ordered are delivered you free of cost. You can also order a book for airport, so you can get in your car right after you land.